Processing experiences of abuse

Have you experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse and are you looking for ways to get back to being yourself and regain the ability to lead a self-determined life?

When someone experiences abuse, they often split off parts of their sensations and disappear within themselves, in order to avoid being fully exposed to what is happening from the outside. Nonetheless, these experiences become deeply engrained in a person and continue to affect their life.

I can accompany you in processing your experience of abuse and finding ways to recover your full self – to trust your emotions again and regain access to your full strength.

We cannot undo your history, but we can change how it affects your life today: I can support you as you learn to accept what has happened and to use what you have learnt from it as a source of strength. In doing so you will be able to look towards the future and lead the life you want, despite and by building on your past.