Learning Processes to unfold your personal potential

In the course of our lives, we learnt to perceive and experience ourselves and our surroundings in a particular way, and to respond to certain situations accordingly – in how we think, act, feel and move through life. 

We continue such patterns, usually without being conscious of them and long after the situations that gave rise to them have passed.

This takes away the possibility to continually experience situations as new, or to use our own personal qualities to be flexible and to react differently to different situations.

But what we think and feel does not only take place in our heads, but in our entire bodies. An attitude towards a particular type of situation goes along with a physical posture or blockages – for example tensions when we are stressed, or exhaustion after situations that we experience as emotionally challenging.

The good news is that just as we learnt and adopted these patters, we can also learn how they can be stopped:

With an individual Learning Process, I offer you a way of increasing your awareness of and attention to your body. Various forms of touch, observation, and breathing lessons can help you learn to identify and change automatic and limiting behaviours that are created physically in your body.

Stopping these unconscious  patterns releases energy that can then be used towards achieving your goals and experiencing yourself and your surroundings in new ways.

Please note

My work as Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method is designed to increase your health and wellbeing – however, I am not able to provide medical diagnoses and cannot give medical treatments. Ongoing or planned medical treatments should, therefore, not be postponed or discontinued.