Katharina, Newsreporter

I started my process with Stella after a painful personal experience, in a time where I was very unsatisfied.

The work with Stella has changed my life in many positive ways. I’ve learned a lot about myself, I’ve been able to process old baggage, I’ve gained an awareness for my body for the first time, and most of all I’ve learned to notice my feelings and needs. Through this, my problems have been solved and my life situation has got much better. 

Stella guided me through my process with great empathy, warmth and intelligence. I always felt very safe and well - which was a decisive factor in me really being able to open myself and get to know myself. Stella is both caring and professional, and it was an incredible experience to work with her.

Judith, Translator

I’ve worked with Stella twice, on very different themes.

The first time, I wanted to become less stuck in my head and to return more to the body, after having done psychoanalysis. A great side effect was that it led me to stop smoking, since I could so clearly hear my body saying: this isn’t good for me.

The second time, Stella helped me to come to a decision about having children and supported me through the early stage of the pregnancy, which was connected with a lot of fear for me. I’ve cried and laughed out loud with Stella, and without her I wouldn’t have my little son. Thank you!

Hannah, Scientific Journalist

I’ve been coming again and again for sessions with Stella over the past two years.
Since I travel a lot, my body regularly craves for the deep relaxation and exciting challenges that I find there.

As a scientist and medical journalist, I’ve got to know a lot of different therapeutic approaches. What I really value in the Grinberg Method is the variety.
It brings together some aspects from classical Chinese and Indian healing methods with modern approaches. Patients experience intensive work with connective tissue, but also a talk-therapy approach.
It’s really valuable to learn to experience one’s own body, and to pay attention to what, when and why pain appears and how to meet that.

Especially in stressful times, I try to give myself again something from this great “healing work”. Afterwards, I usually come away with an intense body feeling and a feeling of freedom through the following days.

In general, some fundamental things about my body have changed; I’ve learned to notice the play of unconscious tensions and relaxation in specific body areas, and to be able to heal myself through influencing them.