Being at home in our bodies

After suffering from a severe accident and its physical aftermath in my early childhood, I learnt how lasting the effects of such events can be and how much our ability to live to our fullest potential depends on being at home in our bodies.

Even if it got me into this dangerous situation, I held on to my sense of curiosity – letting it lead me to new, interesting places – countries, continents, professions, encounters with people. This wealth of intense experiences in different cultural contexts taught me a lot in my approach to other people. It honed my sensibility towards each person’s specific character and needs, and the importance of their social context at the same time.

I also have my curiosity to thank for finding the Grinberg Method. I was moved by experiencing how the sessions gave me back my strength and agility, while making me aware of completely new sides of myself.

After three sessions, I decided to pass on this gift: I began to train as a practitioner of this method.

My history taught me to use pain and fear as powerful resources for achieving my goals and experiencing personal growth. This is something that I continue to learn and train.

My personal vision

Touching people and supporting them in their own learning processes as they discover new qualities and become more and more themselves is a wonderful experience and a profoundly fulfilling profession.

It is my aim to support as many people as possible to fulfil their potential and live more conscious, free, and authentic lives.